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Imperia is a postmodern, malleable organization – an accordian organization in the founder’s own words – which is capable of working both competently and responsibly, while remaining flexible and curious.

The company was founded in 1991 by Nanna Kalinka Bjerke and its corporate concept is to have a solid and dependable core, which is always open to new partnerships, and which is in a continuous, close and evolving collaboration with its clients, which since the beginning in 1991 have consisted of private companies with special communications needs, political organizations, special interest groups, public institutions, as well as humanitarian and disease-fighting organizations.

Any major communication effort can and should work internally within the organization. A campaign that only works externally, has not reached its full potential. It’s stupid not to provide the people within the organization with pride, enthusiasm and co-ownership of the goals the organization has set, when the loudspeaker is already on.

A campaign must meet many criteria. It must be seen, felt, set the agenda and change, but not everyone needs everything. Many leaders, organizations and companies are very well equipped in terms of capabilities internally, but needs “someone from outside” to come by and see things with fresh eyes. It can provide the life-giving input, an organization with a longer communication process right are missing, without needing a revolution.

In some cases it can be smart to outsource an entire campaign. Imperia’s organizational strength is a tried and tested network and close collaborations with supporting and matching partners. The proverbial accordion can be fully expanded and include everything from concept development to production and media management.

Curriculum Vitae

Born May 20 1963

Independent communications consultant since 1991


Nanna Kalinka Bjerke has written a variety of op-eds, feature stories,  opinion pieces and articles in professional journals, daily and weekly newspapers, such as Politiken, Jyllands-Posten, JP-Guide and Ud & Se. She has also co-authored several books.

Blogger: BoB – Bom og Bjerkes Blog

Member of the Danish Union of Journalists


  • Trainee, Livet Reichard Company, Inc., NY
  • MA in Gender and Culture, University of Southern Denmark

Positions of trust:

  • Board member, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, 2015-2018
  • Member of the award committee of the Suzanne Giese Memorial Scholarship 2017-
  • Board member of The Rhythmic Consultancy (Den Rytmiske Konsulenttjeneste) under the National Council of Music, 1999-2002
  • Board member of the concert venue VEGA 1997-1998
  • Member of the network “Øst for Gener” 1993-2006
  • Board member, Kaospilot 1992-95
  • Matron (chair woman) and board member of the “Female Society” (Kvindeligt Selskab) 1991-1995
  • Recipient of Alt for Damernes Womens’ Award 1991